Price List & Policies

Please note all prices are subject to change without notice.

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~ Blanket Wash (Turnouts, Quilted, and Canvas Type) $13.00

~ Blanket Wash With Neck $16.50

~ Small Blankets (pony sized) $9.00

~ Mini Blankets $6.00

~ Dog Blankets and/or Beds $4.00-$6.00


~ Rain Sheets $13.00

~ Fly Sheets $10.00

~ Stall Sheets $9.00

~ Small Rain Sheets (Pony Sized) $8.00

~ Small Stall Sheets (Pony Sized) $4.75

Bag of Laundry $13.00 **Please Note Smaller amounts of Laundry will be adjusted accordingly


~ Standard Horse Size Coolers (All Types) $10.00

~ Small or Pony Sized Coolers (All Types) $5.75


~ Neck Covers $6.25

~ Quilted Hoods $6.25

~ Nylon (Stall Sheet) Hoods $4.95

Saddle Pads

~ Large Western Saddle Pads $7.00

~ Small English Saddle Pads $3.50

** Please Note: Some Western Saddle Pads MUST be Hand washed. Hand Washed Pads $15.00

Green Laundry Bags

~ Large Bags (Holds 2 Turnout Blankets or Large Western Pads) $5.50

~ Medium Bags (Holds 1 Turnout and 1 Sheet) $5.25 (Currently available in Pink and Purple)

~ Small Bags (Holds 1 Turnout or 2 Sheets) $5.00

~ Grocery Sized Bags (Great for Leg Wraps or Misc. Small Show Items!) $1.95


~ $8.50 Minimum Charge PLUS Time & Materials. We are happy to call ahead with repair estimates. Please request that on your pick up slip.


~ All Blankets and Rain Sheets $13.00

~ Turnouts with Neck Covers $16.50

~ Rain Sheets with Neck Covers $16.50

~ Small Blankets and Rain Sheets (Pony Sized) $10.00

Blade Sharpening

~ Regular Blades (Oster & Wahl Standard Size) $7.25

~ Large Blades $8.25

Leather Repairs 

~ $8.75 Minimum Charge PLUS time & Materials. We are happy to call ahead with repair estimates. Please request that on your pick up slip.

Embroidery ~ Please call our office for Quote

Fuel Charge ~ Every Invoice is Subject to a Fuel Charge. Fuel Charge is Subject Change Without Notice

Service Charge/Store Handling Fee ~ $2.00

Click here to download the Blanket Express Pickup Tag!

Blanket Express Pick up Policy 

Due to limited amounts of space on hand for returned orders (to retail stores) we are limiting the amount of time the orders will be left at the store for you to pick up. All orders are returned within 7 days of us picking them up. (Please check our Drop Locations Page for pick up day) We will notify you if your order will be held longer (repairs, embroidery, weather etc.)

New Policy- 90 day limit

We have set a new 90 day, past due invoice limit. If you haven’t picked up your items from a retail drop location in 90 days of it being delivered we will pick the items back up and return them to our shop and add a $5 restocking fee. You will be contacted and must pay Blanket Express directly BEFORE your items will be redelivered. If you are unable to be contacted after the first 90 days we will hold your items for another 90 days in the shop and then donate to a local horse rescue. We will make multiple efforts to contact you but it is important you provide us with current phone numbers and email addresses. We thank you in advance for understanding that our drop locations are not responsible for holding your blankets until you need them. Our drop locations are simply that, a drop location. They are doing you, the customers, a favor by allowing us to service you!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns: 425.788.1494 ~

Store Handling Fees

The “store handling fee” is a $2.00 charge found on some invoices. Blanket Express has partnered with these retail locations to ensure you have the best customer service experience. These locations help us keep your blankets safe by storing them in a back room or locked container and offer to collect payment at time of pick up for your convenience.

Payment Via Credit Card

All locations, other than stores that collect cash or check for us, are asked to pay by credit card or online with Inuit or Pay Pal. We offer a wide variety of payment options, we can keep your credit card number on file and charge automatically when you send items in for wash or you can call and pay every time. It is YOUR responsibility to call us with a credit card number or credit card updates (expiration dates). If you rather pay online it is YOUR responsibility to provide us with a current email address. Invoices will be emailed directly to you with a link to Pay Pal or Intuit.

Payment and Blanket Returns

We no longer can return your items without payment of current invoice (or back invoices). Please call us to select a payment option; Credit Card on file (we automatically charge when you have a balance), payment via Paypal or Intuit (must be paid before we deliver) or picking up payment at the barn. (please note if there is no check at the drop location your items will not be left) Long standing clients with good payment history may still mail their checks. Customers that use one of our retail drop locations must pay the store before their items are released. If you have questions about your drop location and the payment policy there, please contact us or check the “pick up locations” tab on the website.