Blanket Cleaning

At Blanket Express we take the utmost care in handling your items. We use Washington Green Sealed eco friendly soaps, odor/disinfectants, and even have a process for the removal of hair from your blankets so they are the cleanest they can be! All blankets are air dried to minimize shrinkage to keep the best fit for your horse.


We use the best waterproofing supplies in the industry, and they are the same as what is used in the outdoor clothing and gear industry. Perfect for Northwest weather! Your animals will always stay nice and dry with our waterproofing services.

If you send your blanket in once a month for washing (October-March) we recommend waterproofing twice a year. The beginning of the rainy season and again in the spring once you switch to lighter blankets. Not every material holds waterproofing well, so keep that in mind. The tighter the weave the better the waterproofing holds.


With our vast selection of colored materials, webbing, and hardware – it allows us the ability to match or come extremely close to matching items sent in for repair.


Repairs are done by request only (by indicating on your pickup slip).  If repairs are not asked for we do not repair them unless we have contacted the client and gotten approval for those repairs.  If we do not receive instructions to repair the item we will send it back “as is” to the client.  It is very important that you fill out your pickup slip completely.


If a repair estimate is requested there is a possibility that it may need to be held an extra week for the items to be repaired and returned.  This is determined by how quickly we get called back with instructions.  The quicker we receive a call back about a repair question we have the faster we can get your items back to you.


If your blanket that you need repaired is dirty or soiled, we must wash it first before we can do any repairs. If your blanket is clean or new, please place it into a clean bag by itself or we will have to wash it if it comes in the same bag as a dirty blanket before we can do any repairs. We can only do repairs on clean blankets.


  • Blanket Wash (Turnouts, Quilted, and Canvas Type) $14.00
  • Rain Sheet Wash $14.00
  • Cooler $10.00
  • Sheet $10.00
  • Fly Sheet $10.00

*Prices vary with attached necks and or belly bands.

** Additional pricing available for mini, pony, and foal sizes. Please give us a call for more information:


  • All Blankets and Rain Sheets $14.00

*Prices vary with attached necks and or belly bands.

** Additional pricing available for mini, pony, and foal sizes. Please give us a call for more information:

Saddle Pads

  • Large Saddle pad $8.00
  • Small Saddle pad $4.00


We are happy to call ahead with repair estimates. Please request we call you on your pick up slip.

$9.50 minimum charge PLUS time and materials (with wash)

$12.00 minimum charge PLUS time and materials for repairs only
(no wash)

**Fuel Charge ~ Every Invoice is Subject to a Fuel Charge. Fuel Charge is Subject To Change Without Notice
Service Charge/Store Handling Fee ~ $2.00

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